October 12, 1889: (appoximate date)

Born in Malatya, Turkey


Father (Mardiros Dohanian) killed in massacres


Immigrated with his mother Deramar and brothers Hagop and Luke to Somerville, Massachusetts


Graduated from Somerville Elementary School


Graduated from Somerville High School


Graduated from Tufts University with a bachelor of science degree


Graduated from Harvard University with an M.S. degree in forestry


Employed by the USDA Gypsy Moth Lab in Melrose, Massachusetts


Enlisted in the U.S. Army. Stationed at Kelley Field, Texas.


Returned to the Gypsy Moth Lab and traveled to Madrid, Cordoba, Lisbon, and other parts of Europe to find other natural enemies of the gypsy moth.


Worked for the American Cyanimid Co. Traveled to France, Switzerland, and Germany.


Studied natural enemies of the European corn borer on Long Island.


Traveled to Trinidad, British West Indies, British Guiana, and Peru to find natural enemies of sugar cane, bananas, and coconuts. Click here for a copy of the Boston Globe article from June 30, 1935: Uncle Sam's Ace Insect Hunter Off for Three Years in the Tropics (7.8 MB).

March 19, 1936: Boarded SS Costa Rica for Panama from Trinidad. Takes another ship (unknown) to Peru. (March 21: arrived in Curacao; March 26: in Caragena, Columbia; April 20: in Trujillo, Peru. Dined regularly at the Club CentrĂ¡l, lives in a hotel on Juan Fuoco street.)


Established lab in Eugene, Oregon, to study filbert worms and weevils.


Worked for the Plant Quarantine Division of the Agricultural Research Service, inspecting cargo and baggage from planes and ships arriving in the port of New York.

February 17, 1972:

Died in Oakland, California. Click here to download the obituary that appeared in the Journal of the Washington Academy of Science.